On Being Thin

I’m going to just say it. I hope you can hear it.

BEING THIN is not the end-all & be-all of your existence.

BEING THIN doesn’t solve your mental health problems – or fix your relationships.

BEING THIN doesn’t make you smarter, more powerful, financially stable, or creative.

If you’ve dieted 4 months, 4 years, or 40 years to reach some outward goal that seems to hold the solution to all of life’s problems, I implore you: work on liking yourself NOW, the way you are, because liking yourself regardless of your body fat levels is the only way to actually work on all those issues that made you feel badly about yourself in the first place.

BEING THIN doesn’t solve that – it’s a mind problem, not a body problem. How many more years do you want to spend on chasing a number on a scale?

Life just keeps going on until it ends. And it ends sooner than we think. We have limited time here, don’t waste it on bullshit. Live it now, don’t put off living until you are whatever arbitrary weight you picked for yourself ten years ago.

You can spend your life fighting your body and restricting it from what it needs to survive, or you can live your life now and allow yourself to just LIKE yourself, and be KIND to yourself.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that “when I lose 10 pounds, then I’ll be pretty enough/smart enough/sassy enough/happy enough” to live your life your way.

You have to like yourself NOW to fix what needs fixing. Liking yourself NOW doesn’t mean you don’t work on stuff that needs work – but it’s a start to allowing yourself to feel better regardless of your pants size or breast size or dress size. Give yourself permission to be OKAY as you are.

Separate out WHO YOU ARE from whatever number is on the scale. The scale is a measurement of your relationship to gravity, nothing more. It doesn’t measure your heart, your wit, your sass, your courage. It’s data – and if it feels like a lot more to you than just data, hide the scale until you don’t give a shit anymore.

Your energy is yours to spend according to your own priorities. You have a limited number of years here, find what matters to you, and DO THAT. Fuck diets, fuck scales, fuck all of the ideas that hold you back and keep you feeling like WHO YOU ARE is less important that what size you wear.

WHO YOU ARE matters more than anything. Fuck the scale and figure that out: FIGURE OUT WHO YOU ARE beyond a diet and a scale weight and a pant size.

Spend your time and energy on that. LIVE YOUR LIFE and enjoy it.


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  2. Thank you for this.

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