You Can’t Go Back

Sometimes we set weight & number goals, often based on previous weight or how we looked at some earlier point in our lives. Or we set mobility or fitness goals based upon some other period.

Here’s the thing: we grow older and our bodies change.

125 lbs at 21 may have been fantastic and healthy and gorgeous – but if you’re 31, 41, 51 … it may be unreasonable: not because “older” means “bigger” or “fatter” or “less attractive” or any other descriptives that may have emotional baggage associated with them, but simply because our bodies change over time. Perhaps you are more dense now and stronger, perhaps hormonal shifts have given you additional fat stores, whatever.

Perhaps there is a younger version of you that you have idealized, you think that if only you could do all the right things, you could be that girl (or boy) again.

You can’t.

You can’t go back. There is only one direction: forward.

The human body is an amazing, adaptive thing. Yes, it ages – it also responds positively to loving treatment and regular movement. It does the best it can to house the mind and keep it safe. It takes whatever fuel and nutrition it is given, and grows and repairs itself. It’s pretty amazing. But it never, ever goes backward or stagnates. It continues to grow and age … and change.
And that’s okay. The body you have today will continue to change and morph into another version of itself.

And that new version will still not go back in time to be an earlier version JUST to match an arbitrary number on the scale. When you think about all the extraordinary effort that goes into the continued growth and development of a human being, and a human body, trying to match some number seems rather insignificant.

Keep on moving forward.


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